Fractional CO2 has been the gold standard of skin resurfacing and tightening for a long time. it has may advantages over fully ablative CO2 skin resurfacing as the intact areas in between the treatment “dots” lend normal cells to the treated area and cause faster healing with much less discomfort and side effects but almost as good of results.

For a long time, the name fractional CO2 has been reminding “oozing” “puffy” burnt faces of people’s posts in You-Tube and other social media, causing a bad reputation for this treatment (despite all the good results at the end of the same videos). 
A recent protocol mad by Lasering company for their MixTo Pro CO2 laser seems to have very promising results with “no to almost no” down time and if repeated 2-3 times a jaw dropping result.

Since the origin of the company is in Italy, they have called this procedure “Venezia Lift”. It uses milder settings of regular CO2 treatments along with some features unique to this machine “MixTo-Pro” to deliver this amazing end-result.

Here at Orchid Wellness & Medical Spa we are honored to announce that now we are offering this service. 
This procedure can be done on the full face or just to rejuvenate around the eyes. It has a very simple post-care instructions and could be implemented on all skin types.

It can be used as stand-alone procedure or in combination with other procedures like microneedling etc.
The end results will take up to 2-3 months to appear and would last for a long time. 

The protocol calls for a series of three treatments, delivered two to three weeks apart with the ultimate results being realized several months after the third treatment.

Post-procedure, the tissue is slightly pink for a day or two, quickly resolving back to normal. If desired, a patient can return to work right after the procedrue without major swelling, broken skin or the four to five days of bronzing/peeling associated with traditional ablative fractional CO2 laser treatments.

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Shahriar Khezri MD

Dr. Khezri is a long time physician who works in two different capacities, as an acute healthcare provider/ Anesthesiologist and as an Aesthetics/ Cosmetologist provider. In his first role he saves lives in the hospital and in his second role he makes impact on clients lives towards a better self by improving their appearance and by giving them more self confidence. He is double broad certified in Anesthesiology and has been practicing medicine since 1996. He also has had a long term passion towards Aesthetics and has been participating in many Aesthetics/ cosmetology educational courses to broaden his knowledge in Aesthetics and keeps his knowledge up to date follows the path of the pioneers in this field. He believes that patient safety is the most important aspect of practicing medicine and treats each and every client with respect and tries to provide the best service possible. He is evidence-based and utilizes the best technology since he believes his clients deserve the best and safest.

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