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Men’s Services Specialist

Here at Orchid wellness and medical spa we value our men clients as much as our female ones and we believe the aesthetic and cosmetic services are not just for females so we have designated services for men:

Body contouring/ Non-surgical fat loss:

We use Radio frequency technology by BTL to eliminate local pockets of fat, including “muffin tops”, abdominal fat and “double chin”, this technology is painless, has no downtime and feels like Hot stone spa, you can go back to your daily activity and it could be done as lunch break procedure. A series of treatments are recommended for optimal results.

Botox for men:

We offer Botox and Jeuveau for men’s crow feet, glabellar lines and forehead so you don’t look tired and be more attractive. We believe men’s face should not be like women’s and needs some expressional lines and wrinkles so we make subtle changes so no one can pinpoint that you have had Botox, you just look “well-rested” and not tired.

Botox for excessive underarm sweating:

Tired of smelly, soaked underarms? Try Botox for armpits to decrease excessive sweating in underarms, we do a test to map the boundary of sweat glands and inject
Botox in that area to decrease their activity.

Laser hair removal:

Hairy men have different options for their body hair: they can shave, wax, groom which are all temporary. If you are tired of shaving your chest/ back arms and leg hair we have a permanent solution for you: have your unwanted hairs removed permanently with our Vectus Diode laser painlessly, A series of 3-6 treatments are recommended for optimal results.

Chemical Peel for men’s face:

Try our PCA chemical peel if you want to soften the wrinkles and signs of aging, acne scars, dark spots, etc., a series of 3 peels
recommended for the best results.


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