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If you are tired of shaving every day and having trouble with shaving’s side effects like ingrown hairs, bumps and cuts, hyperpigmentation and infections, maybe it is time for you to do something different, more modern and up to date.  

Laser hair removal is the most safe and effective option for you if you want to efficiently and permanently get rid of your unwanted hairs. Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa in Edmonds uses the most efficient and safe laser system that can effectively remove and reduce all your unwanted hair and in all skin types and get Permanent results.  

Dr. Khezri and the team would love to have you in for a consult to find out if laser hair removal is the best option for you, lots of times you can start your treatment the same day.  

Please call Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa or use the “request Appointment” button on top of the page to schedule your consult and get rid of the razor and wax once and for all.  

Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa provides highest quality medical grade services in Aesthetic, skin care and health and wellness to the residents of Edmonds, Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Snohomish County, King County etc. 


Laser Hair Removal Q & A

 What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal includes using a medical grade laser system which can effectively and safely remove or reduce unwanted hair in any area of body by destroying the hair follicle.

Per industry standard, a successful laser hair removal is considered reduction of unwanted hair from 75-90% but lots of times it gets to 100% reduction.  

Most common areas of body to treat:

  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Back / chest
  • Abdomen
  • Bikini extensions
  • Brazilian
  • Bikini line

The laser system we use can treat large areas very fast and painless as it has a cooling tip. 

What to expect during your laser hair removal treatment? 

When you come to Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa for your laser hair removal treatment, the team gives you safety eyewear to protect your eyes during the procedure. During the treatment, the  Vectus laser emits a concentrated beam of light energy that targets your hair follicles in the treatment area without damaging the skin surrounding them. 

The light energy heats the follicles in your skin, damaging them permanently. After laser hair removal, many of your follicles can no longer produce hair at all, while others can only produce fine, virtually invisible hairs. 

The Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa team recommends booking 3-5 laser hair removal sessions to complete your treatment. Your body hair grows in phases, and you must target each follicle with laser hair removal during its growth phase. If your body hair grows back over time because of hormonal fluctuations or treatments, you can easily book maintenance laser hair removal sessions.

Advantages of laser hair removal

After checking you in at Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa, the provider will make sure that the treated area is clean and free from any hair, you need to shave the area before your treatment session.  

Right before your treatment you are required to wear a safety glasses to protect your eyes from accidental laser beam exposure. treatment starts with contacting the laser tip to your skin (which feels cold since it is cooled) and transmitting the laser energy to the area. the sensation is more like a tingle or a “rubber band snap” and it should not be painful.  

After a successful treatment you may notice your hair follicles become bumpy which is one sign of successful treatment, those bumps will go away in minutes to hours maximum. a calming cream is applied to the area if need and you will be sent home. 

Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa recommends a series of 6 treatments to achieve the best results as hairs grow in different phases and in each session the ones which are in active growth phase are treated.  

When a hair is treated with laser it is gone forever and gone for good, but it is not uncommon to see hairs again in the same area later, those are usually Velus hairs changing to regular “terminal” hairs due to aging and hormonal changes, in that case they are very scattered and you may need a maintenance treatment maybe once a year or so.

Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

If you have not been exposed to sun and don’t have “Tan” in the treatment area and if you have not waxed/ plucked/ sugared the area for at least six weeks, then you maybe able to start your treatment in the first visit. Dr. K and the team will assess and discuss this with you in your consultation time. Generally speaking lots of time the efficacy and number of sessions required to get 75-90% reduction in hairs depends on your skin type, skin tone, hair color, hair density and hair diameter.

schedule a consultation today. 

Pricing Menu

Laser hair removal: 6 Sessions

  • Lip and chin: $499
  • Neck (front or back): $499
  • Underarms: $499
  • Forearms: $600
  • Full arms:$999
  • Lower legs: $999
  • Full legs: $1,999
  • Bikini: $999
  • Brazilian: $1,199

Men’s Laser hair removal

  • Neck (front or back): $499
  • Chest: $999
  • Abdomen: $999
  • Chest and abdomen: $1,499
  • Back: $1,499

We also provide financing services through Care Credit, ask us how during your visit


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