You do your daily workout, eat healthy and follow a clean diet, basically all what you can do to stay fit but…. those pockets of fat on and around your belly, either from your last pregnancy or crash weight losss diet or any other reason…. they don’t go away! They seem to be resistant to all and everything you’ve done!

What options do you have to get rid of them?

There are many options out there depending how invasive you want to approach: some people prefer to go under a surgeon’s knife and “Cut em out”; it seems to be a promising option but not everyone wants to “go under the knife”.
So what else? There are some non-invasive options there as well, among them are the two most commonly well-known ones: CoolSculpting and Radio Frequency devices like BTL Vanquish ME (Maximal Energy).

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a procedure which uses cold to freeze the fat cells and destroy them permanently, how it’s done: the operator put some “Suction devices” on the areas of excess fat which sucks those bulks of fat inside and freezes them and destroys them.

What is BTL Vanquish ME?

BTL Vanquish ME is a Radiofrequency based device that its applicator hovers over your belly and sides (Muffin tops) and heats them up and destroys the fat cells permanently, then over the course of next days your body will flush the destroyed cells out.

So what’s the difference?

Although these two procedures may seem very similar by using temperature to achieve their goal but there are some differences you may need to consider:
CoolSculpting, as you see in the picture is applied to an area limited to the suction area; to eliminate a bigger area you need to have many of those suctions placed on the region to get the result you want
But Vanquish ME covers a much bigger area and addresses a much larger area in one session and achieves a much homogenous result than CoolSculpting.

How do the treatments feel?

CoolSculpting feels like pulling and tugging the skin and sometimes can be painful and uncomfortable due to the Freeze!
BTL Vanquish ME, on the other hand feels like having hot pad on your tummy or “Hot stone Spa” which many of my clients like it actually! And to add to this: BTL Vanquish ME has no down time and clients can go back to their daily activities right after the treatment.

How about side effects of each?

CoolSculpting has some known side effects such as Neuralgia (pain due to damage to the nerve) as when the device freezes fats it may freeze some nerves in the area as well, causing long term, sometimes permanent damage to the nerves in the region.
Other known side effects of CoolSculpting are: redness, bruises, swelling, skin pigment changes, lumpiness in the area after treatment and not very common but hard to treat Paradoxical Fat Hyperplasia (basically increased fat cells in the area after some time, which is going to be really hard to treat and most of the time have to be removed via surgery)

BTL Vanquish ME’s side effects are not very many, mostly localized to the area treated and almost always temporary, unlike CoolSculpting. These include temporary redness of the area, and if skin starts to sweat it may absorb more RF and cause a small burn so we use a fan if needed to make sure area under treatment is dry, the patient is also provided a safety rope which turns the device off if needed


If you are intersted in BTL Vanquish ME procedure please feel free to request a free consult with us and we will discuss this with you in detail!


Shahriar Khezri MD

Dr. Khezri is a long time physician who works in two different capacities, as an acute healthcare provider/ Anesthesiologist and as an Aesthetics/ Cosmetologist provider. In his first role he saves lives in the hospital and in his second role he makes impact on clients lives towards a better self by improving their appearance and by giving them more self confidence. He is double broad certified in Anesthesiology and has been practicing medicine since 1996. He also has had a long term passion towards Aesthetics and has been participating in many Aesthetics/ cosmetology educational courses to broaden his knowledge in Aesthetics and keeps his knowledge up to date follows the path of the pioneers in this field. He believes that patient safety is the most important aspect of practicing medicine and treats each and every client with respect and tries to provide the best service possible. He is evidence-based and utilizes the best technology since he believes his clients deserve the best and safest.

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