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No matter how many sit-ups you do, there are some pockets of fat that simply won’t budge. If you’re tired of trying to get rid of stubborn fat, Shahriar Khezri, MD, and the Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa team offer minimally invasive body sculpting treatments in Edmonds, Washington. They use radiofrequency technology to sculpt and contour your body in the safest way possible. To learn more about the benefits of non-surgical fat reduction, call Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa, or book an appointment online today.

Orchid medical spa provides medical grade services in aesthetic and skin care and covers Edmonds, Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Everett, Snohomish County, King County, etc.

Body Sculpting Q & A

What is body sculpting/ Body Contouring?

Body sculpting, or non-surgical fat reduction, is an aesthetic treatment that destroys fat cells without relying on invasive procedures, such as surgery or liposuction.

Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa specifically uses radiofrequency-based body sculpting treatments because they’re the safest on the market with the least side effects. They also produce more consistent results when compared to alternative options.

Some patients may also elect to receive vaginal rejuvenation concurrently with their body sculpting treatment. This eight-minute procedure has no downtime and is painless for most women.

To read about the difference between CoolSculpting and BTL Vanquish me please check the blog written by Dr. K “HERE”

How does body sculpting work?

Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa is proud to offer both BTL EXILIS ULTRA 360® and BTL VANQUISH ME® radiofrequency body sculpting treatments to eliminate unwanted fat.

These non-surgical fat reduction procedures use simultaneous radiofrequency and ultrasound energy to penetrate the deepest layers of tissue in the treatment area to destroy fat cells and tighten your skin. 

Over time, your body’s lymphatic system naturally gets rid of the dead fat cells through a process called lipolysis. Once these fat cells leave your body, they cannot return; they’re gone forever.

Who is a candidate for body sculpting?

Body sculpting isn’t a weight loss treatment, so you shouldn’t try it expecting to shed pounds fast. Instead, body sculpting targets stubborn pockets of fat. The Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa team uses non-surgical fat reduction to treat your:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Love handles
  • Back/bra strap fat
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Butt
  • Double chin

In addition to eliminating fat, body sculpting can help minimize the appearance of cellulite. You may be the right candidate for body sculpting if you’re at a healthy weight and relatively in shape.

How long does body sculpting take?

Most BTL EXILIS ULTRA 360 sessions take about 15 to 30 minutes, while BTL VANQUISH ME treatments take approximately 45 minutes and cover the entire abdominal area in one session. While one session is enough to see visible improvements, most patients require four treatments to achieve maximum results.

Does body sculpting hurt?

Radiofrequency-based body sculpting treatments use simultaneous heating and cooling settings to target the deepest layers of tissue without disturbing the surface layer of your skin. While you may feel mild discomfort during treatment, most patients describe the feeling as a warm tingling sensation, much like a hot stone massage.

If you feel unbearable pain, tell your Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa provider right away so they can adjust the device’s settings.

Are there any side effects?

BTL EXILIS ULTRA 360 and BTL VANQUISH ME are non-surgical fat reduction treatments that require virtually no downtime. You shouldn’t experience any side effects and can return to your normal activities almost immediately after treatment.

Body sculpting is a safe, effective treatment that helps you get rid of unwanted fat quickly. To schedule an appointment at Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa, call the office or book a visit online now.

Pricing Menu

BTL Vanquish ME belly circumference fat loss:

  • Series of six, weekly: $1799 ($2400 value)
  • Single treatment: $399

BTL Exilis Ultra 360:

  • Full face:
    • Six sessions:$2,499
    • Single session: $599
  • Partial face:
    • Six sessions: $1,599
    • Single session: $399
  • Neck:
    • Six sessions: $1,199
    • Single session: $299
  • Eyes:
    • Six sessions: $1,199
    • Single session: $299
  • Abdomen, Legs, Arms, Buttock:
    • Six session: $2,499
    • Single session: $599

Vaginal rejuvenation

  • Series of three treatments: $2999

We also provide financing services through Care Credit, ask us how during your visit.


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