What options “Super Hairy” guys have to get rid of their unwanted hairs?

They sure have options of shaving (ouch, cut, ingrown hairs, bumps etc.), waxing (OUCH, are you sure it is painless?) or trimming (I am tired of trimming it, tis time consuming and its back in a week).


Also there is an option of getting rid of them permanently by Laser. it is about 3-6 sessions depending on each individual and results are almost permanent, you won’t get the same hairs grown but you may have different sets of hair follicles grow, that’s the reason most of the people require repeated sessions to have a permanent hair reduction.

What is “laser hair removal” and how it works?

Laser is a powerful beam of light which penetrates the skin and reaches deep layers of the skin to target different tissues and get a specific result, in case of hair removal, we use a Diode laser (810 wavelength) to specifically target pigments in hair follicles and permanently destroy them.

Why do I need multiple sessions?

Hair growth has three different stages and all your hair follicles are not having hair at the same time, we have to wait till they go in the “growth” stage to be able to target them and destroy them, each time you get a treatment just 1/3 to 1/4 of your hair follicles have hair. 

Is it painful?

The pain perception is very different among people but the laser we use has a cooling tip which helps a lot with pain and most people describe it as a “rubber band snap”. After the procedure it is normal to have small bumps in areas where you had hair follicles and some redness on the skin but they usually go away in a couple of hours.

What should I do before my procedure?

You are not supposed to pluck your hair, wax them, you should stay away from the sun for around three weeks (yay, thanks to social isolation and stay home order most of us are ready) and don’t have any skin infection in areas you want to be treated.

What to expect in my treatment day?

you will be welcomed and admitted by our friendly staff and then guided to the treatment room, we expect you to have your treatment areas shaved before, we can do minor corrections but we won’t shave your whole leg (for example) for you, we cover your eyes with a special goggle to prevent damage to your eyes and apply a cold get or water spray to the treatment are and then start the procedure, it should be fast and as we said it should feel as rubber band snap. After the treatment we apply a soothing cream if needed and you may go home then.

Wat should I do between the treatments?

Don’t pluck or wax any hair that grows in between the sessions, don’t exercise, get into hot tub, go into sun the day and the day after the treatment if you are instructed not to, other than that nothing special.

What things should I look into a laser hair center when I search for one?

Not all the technologies are the same, make sure the device they use in not the IPL (Intense Pulse Light) as it is just a powerful light, it maybe good for some of your skin conditions but won’t be as effective on hair follicles as the real laser, Diode lasers with around 810 wavelength are the most effective in destroying hair, make sure they have enough knowledge of the procedure and are under direct supervision of a physician provider.


Shahriar Khezri MD

Dr. Khezri is a long time physician who works in two different capacities, as an acute healthcare provider/ Anesthesiologist and as an Aesthetics/ Cosmetologist provider. In his first role he saves lives in the hospital and in his second role he makes impact on clients lives towards a better self by improving their appearance and by giving them more self confidence. He is double broad certified in Anesthesiology and has been practicing medicine since 1996. He also has had a long term passion towards Aesthetics and has been participating in many Aesthetics/ cosmetology educational courses to broaden his knowledge in Aesthetics and keeps his knowledge up to date follows the path of the pioneers in this field. He believes that patient safety is the most important aspect of practicing medicine and treats each and every client with respect and tries to provide the best service possible. He is evidence-based and utilizes the best technology since he believes his clients deserve the best and safest.

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